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                                           A Passion for Excellence

Xeos is a leading technology firm, created by visionary engineers with a passion
for excellence. We design and manufacture application-specific telemetry and
data collection products for customers who need reliable & innovative solutions
to track, monitor  and control in harsh inaccessible environments.
XEOS Technologies

Iridium Data Telemetry, Argos Satellite Transmitters, LED Flashers and RF Beacons, Iridium VAR
Found in Every Ocean on Earth

The Ocean's power and changeable moods are
legendary. Perched in the North Atlantic, Xeos is in
the ideal testing ground. All our products are
designed to last. Our products are deployed in all the
worlds oceans and we have over 10 years
experience delivering reliable solutions for
• Real world experience: to Challenger Deep and
• Original design: the all titanium line of microbeacons
•The world's first deep ocean Iridium recovery
beacons: Casabel and Sable
• A proprietary solid state surface sensor

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Marine Relays | Iridium | LED Flasher | ARGOS | VHF
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