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Wet or splash  mate Connector line.

Usage:  Diving Industry; Instrumentation
packages, ROV's,

Molded neoprene connectors, for light to
medium duty applications. Hazardous

Available in round and Square (Low
Profile) and in standard, small and
Bodies available in brass, Stainless,
Aluminum, Titanium and Non Ferrous.  
(Check with us on availability).   

Up to 750 Volt  and 10,000 psi mated.
Bulkheads open face at 5,000 psi.
Contacts gold plated to MIL-G-45204.

Available in Standard, Mini and Micro.

Interchangeable with others. (Check with us)
Available in IE 55(W) ( 2 and 3 pin) version.

Some Polyurethane molded in line connectors
are available.

Incorporated with Penetrator assemblies.

Incorporated in break out assemblies.

Metal shell versions. See MKS (W)  line.

Field installable version, with boot seals.

Works with Quick Cure
                                                                                           Wet or Splash mate connector line.
This line of connectors can be mated and unmated in a wet, or slightly submerged, environment.  The connectors should,however, never
be mated and/or unmated with power or signals on the pins or sockets.  (But this goes generally for any connector)   The general
description of the connector is: Molded Neoprene (With Polyurethane option) with gold plated contacts per MIL-G-45204.    .  The male
pins are provided with neoprene shafts under the Gold plated pins. The female sockets have a number of o rings located before the gold
plated sockets.  
                                                                                                     Metal Key TITAN SERIES
Underwater pluggable connectors (Except the MKS-300) , with
316 Stainless bodies and metal keys for positive alignment
Additional Options:

We encourage the discussions on Customizing
the connector applications and assemblies.
•Wet mateable connectors (except MKS-300).
•316 stainless steel bodies with metal keys for positive alignment.
•Naval bronze engaging nuts have Acme threads for rugged applications and quick
•Special alloys and finishes are also available. Contact Impulse for further information.
•Bulkhead connectors available as a threaded or flanged version with 48" of #18 AWG
type E Teflon inboard leads ( MKS-300 /MKS(W)-300/MKS(W)-3L00 have 6" of #24 AWG
inboard leads).
•Cable connector plugs and receptacles are overmolded using polyurethane (MKS-300 /
MKS(W)-300 also available with a neoprene overmold). Straight or right angled
overmolds are available for cable connector plugs.
•Cable connector plugs and receptacles are supplied unterminated unless cable
termination is specified at time of order.

Harsh environment interconnect
Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV's)
Autonomous Vehicles (AUV's)
Subsea Instrumentation