Welcome to our Connector page
Territory: Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama,  Georgia and Florida.
ABTEL carries a range of  high reliability electrical and optical Connectors,
interconnection systems and custom insert molded compression.
Connectors for a broad range of harsh environment applications.
Connector Specialists
Let us assist you with finding the right connections for your applications.
From miniature underwater sensor connectors to ROV connectors, to the
largest extremely rugged vehicle systems, we offer many innovative
solutions for subsea interconnect. By using standard products and
custom engineered designs, we offer the widest range of application
specific connection systems available.  
Industries covered are: Offshore, Marine, Ocean Science, Defense,
Aerospace, Power and any special project that comes along.
Dry Mate: From miniature to massive:
IE55 series   Sub miniature, miniature and standard. We see a lot of
applications in tights spaced applications.
Miniature High Density  MHD- series.
Metal Key Titan Series
Rubber Molded Glass Reinforced Epoxy

Wet Mate:  Also, from Micro to large Power.
Straight (IL)   Low Profile(LP) Mini and Micro

  • Ethernet.               True, proven, Gig speeds.
  • Optical connectors   Nimble, smart, low cost.
  • Hybrid Electrical and Optical connectors     Hybrid, many options   
  • Cabled assemblies    Combine any function
We are dedicated to help you make the right
connections and do this right the first time. Each
application calls for a Customized Solution and with
our extended portfolio and low cost customization, let
us help you make your project succeed.  
Dedication;    Our Way.