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Ultrasonic Level Sensor
The XLS-1 is a solid State, compact,
reliable and rugged level sensor

Features:                                Applications:
6 Mounting options               Generators                
No Moving Parts                    Water Tanks
Durable                                   Radiators
IP 67                                         Printers
High Temperature
High Pressures
High reliability
The Gems XLS Series of ultrasonic switches are designed to
operate in a wide spectrum of liquids, ranging from oils to inks.
These rugged switches are constructed from stainless steel and
built to withstand high pressures, temperature, and vibration. In
addition, XLS series switches have no moving parts to wear out over
time. The ultrasonic XLS series is an ideal choice for sensing
applications in printers, off-highway vehicles, and many other
demanding areas.
Principle of Operation
1. Function
a. The sensor’s protruding tip detects the presence or absence of the liquid medium and actuates a solid state
switched output.
The sensor is optimized to detect water or hydrocarbon based liquids.
2. Orientation and Mounting
a. The sensor may be mounted horizontally ± 60°.
The XLS-1 - Ultrasonic Level Sensor is Gems' rugged
alternative to reed switch level sensors. They are
compatible with water, water-based and
hydrocarbon-based liquids, and are perfect for
applications where foam and condensation may affect
other sensing technologies. The XLS-1 is an ideal
solution for sensing liquid level in generators, water
tanks, radiators, printers, and other harsh industrial
applications. These Ultrasonic Level Sensors are
designed for reliable performance during the most
challenging applications. The XLS-1's compact design
allows for maximum flexibility and comes with six
mounting options to ensure the sensors fit each
customers specific application.