Standard Calibrations, Inc.
SCI has 27 plus years of measurement science experience in the field of application design,
integration, procurement, installation, calibration (laboratory & on-site), repair, outage support, and
technical assistance with measurement and control areas of plant automation to support your
industrial market.

 “If it controls, indicates, or alarms, we service it.”

This has been our core philosophy since 1989.  It has focused our efforts and guided our decisions
as we have built lasting relationships with customers, employees, suppliers and equipment

We continue to build on these relationships every day as we focus on meeting customer needs,
empowering employees to take on new challenges, and improving the quality of our products and

Our vision: To be the customer’s first choice as their full service and sales provider of maritime,
commercial, and industrial instrumentation and control systems.

Our mission: To provide customers with confidence that their tools, equipment, and systems operate
reliably and accurately.

Our Core Values: Safety Always, Superior Quality, Long-term Relationships, Professional
Excellence, Integrity, Customer Service, Unity, and Community.

SCI's involvement in Oil & Gas goes back to our foundation with instrumentation & controls on fuel
systems onboard US naval and commercial maritime vessels. The transition from maritime fuel
systems to large-scale commercial industrial Oil & Gas facilities was an effortless adaptation for
SCI and our years of expertise, service, and OEM product lines.

With SCI's expertise in measurement and control areas of plant automation for the oil and gas
industry, SCI has the ability to support Oil & Gas facilities across the continental United States.

SCI can support your fleet of power stations with services such as: Calibration (In-House & On-Site),
Troubleshooting, Repair, OEM Technical Support, Outage Support, E & I Technicians, I & C
Technicians, Installation Teams, Removal Teams, System Flushing, Welding, and Pipe-Fitting.  

SCI is on stand-by to provide you with the most technically competent personnel in the region to
support your power station's service needs. SCI exceeds all of the required industrial insurance
coverage and maintains an EMR rating below the industry requirement.

SCI can provide professional assistance to your Supply Chain Management (SCM) and I & C
Engineering Teams with application engineering, product selection, and procurement support to
include; Design Build, Obsolescence Issues, System Upgrades, and Maintenance Repair Operation
(MRO) level needs as well as capital investment projects including Balance Of Plant (BOP) for
instrumentation. SCI strives to assist your power station personnel in selecting the right instrument,
valve, and or calibration equipment to meet or exceed your vigorous requirements.

With our extremely knowledgeable staff, SCI is your one-stop-shop for all SCM, I & C, or
Maintenance department requests.
Introducing SCI:
Leaders in Calibration, Repair and
Configuration of Sensors and
See below.
Product Lines
Gems 3600
Electronic Pressure Switch
GEMS XLS-1 Ultrasonic Level Sensor