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ABTEL Universal Technology, Inc.                                                    August 21, 2017.
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Marius Aben, to date, has over 35 years of experience in the Offshore Industry.  
He started as Designer for a Dutch Specialty Cable Manufacturer and soon combined these
duties as Sales Manager.   As such he worked, and visited, on projects all over Europe,
many in the UK, the Benelux, Scandinavia, France, Germany and Italy.
In 1993 he was selected to move to the USA to establish USA headquarters and to develop
the market for the company.  

After the company was bought out, he was approached by Mac (MacArtney AS) to establish
sales offices in Houston. Mac was a personal friend and Marius has observed how Mac
started his company from his bedroom and developed it from there.

After Mac passed away in 2002 he decided to establish ABTEL Universal Technology, Inc.,
with Georgia, his partner and wife.

ABTEL is a product and services provider and represents a number of quality and value
added companies.
Our own designed and manufactured products include Sonar control systems for EX rated
Tank inspections. ABTEL designed and produced a complete system including the sonar
housing (Purged SS housing with pressure switch) EX pan and Tilt, EX light, RS 485 based
control system and cabling.

One other example is a RS 482 based (CS) Camera / video control system designed and
manufactured for the Associated Press. This system was successfully used to picture and
record swimmers in the Olympic pool during the London Olympic games. 2 New systems
were completed for the Olympic games in Rio.

One last example is a control system and wiring for Oil Skimmer systems.

Contact us and find out what it is to have a partner in this demanding Industry.

We have representations and proudly work with Value Added Companies like: SCI, Birns
Aquamate, SALT,  XEOS (Trackers beacons and Flashers);
For specific projects we also work with quality Suppliers and Sub Suppliers.
Please check regularly to stay updated on our new products and activities.
New Developments:

Representing SCI   Come visit us at the Workboat show
Nov 29 - Dec 1 Stand 1441
ABTEL just added SCI, SALT and Birns Aquamate as Principals.
We are strengthening our connector and assembly capabilities.
We are also adding cable supplies to our portfolio.
Please check in soon to see some
exiting new developments